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Automatic glue applicator and butyl glue applicator have a certain shelf life. Generally speaking, their shelf life is 10 years. Although the shelf life is only 10 years, there may be some problems in the process of use due to the different use environment. Let's take a look at the problems that will occur when using full-automatic glue applicator and butyl glue applicator.
What problems may occur in the use of automatic glue applicator and butyl glue applicator

1、 With the continuous increase of the use time of full-automatic glue applicator and butyl glue applicator, the sealing performance of this equipment is continuously reduced, which will lead to the internal gas of this equipment connected with the external atmosphere, which will greatly reduce its thermal insulation performance. This is a very frequent problem.
2、 With the decline of the sealing performance of the equipment itself, its compressive capacity will also show a downward trend. In such a case, once the external pressure is too large, it will easily cause the coating on its surface to fall off, and sometimes even explode, causing serious casualties. Therefore, before installing it, we must have a full understanding of its compressive performance and compressive strength. And take some appropriate protective measures during use, which is of great benefit to prolong the service life.
3、 The thermal insulation performance of the thermal insulation layer will also be reduced, which is also a common problem.
The problems that may arise when using automatic glue applicator and butyl glue applicator include the above aspects. It can be said that this is also the problem to be solved urgently in this industry. Only in this way can we carry out production better.
The above is the detailed introduction of insulating glass processing equipment. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide service for you with our attitude http://www.wolfgang-lilienthal.com

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